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Welcome to the Waypoint Documentation Wiki.

Waypoint is software to support Lean and Agile Leaders and Teams, along the principles of Lean Project Management and Agile Programming and Planning.

The software allows to budget, plan, report, standardize and improve project execution. Waypoint is designed to be used together with face to face communication such as User Story Meetings and Daily Stand-up Meetings. It is designed to manage several projects at a time, including overall resource planning. And it scalable on a day-to-day basis.

This Wiki contains all documentation, including a Quick Start, an extensive User Guide, material on the Lean and Agile Philosophy and Method and a Reference Guide. If you want to start using Waypoint straight away, use the Quick Start to get going. If you prefer to first understand the product and read something about it, we recommend to start with the User Guide.

Enjoy your lean journey!

User Guide

Learn how to use Waypoint in the User Guide, through a 10 Step Project Set Up Guide. Since Waypoint is intended to work in conjunction with all sorts of physical meetings and real life project work, the User guide includes instructions on the lean & agile project management method too.

Lean & Agile

Waypoint is based on Lean and Agile Project Management. In this Chapter, we guide you through the background of Lean and Agile, as well as the principles and the methodology.

How To's

The How To's is a collection of instructions on how to do specific things in Waypoint. Just look up your question at the chapters' index and you'll get to a step by step road map to the answer, with screenshots when appropriate.


The Frequently Asked Questions includes some of the information offered in the User guide and Reference guide, yet edited in a QA format.

Reference Guide

In the Reference guide, find a detailed description of Waypoint, including functionality, definitions and practical stuff like explanations on menu's and tables. And also the conceptual ideas.


Admonitions are counsels or warnings against oversight. Through Waypoint, you may sometimes be required or asked to perform certain tasks. The reasons for this, plus the way to solve your problem, can be found in this section of documentation.


Numerous books on Lean and Agile Project Management are available for further reading, some really valuable. Find our picks in this reading list.

Doc Index

A full index of all documentation found in the manuals provided as a reference to you.

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