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The aim of these Waypoint Quick Start Guides is to get you up and running with Waypoint and give you a brief overview of the most important concepts and techniques. It covers the most common tasks you need to manage a project. For more advanced features see the User Guide or the Reference Guide.

Create a Project
Define the Scope

Before we can work on a project we need to define the scope of the project. To define the scope of the project we use User Stories.

Schedule the Work

In Agile and Lean project management we use an iteration planning and we define the what stories we do in what iteration.

Run your Project

In Lean and Agile methodology we define the smallest pieces of work (i.e. tasks) as late as possible; that is during the Iteration Meeting.

10 Step Project Set Up Guide

This Quickstart - 10 Step Project Set Up Guide is to get you going, using Waypoint straight away. You'll learn the ins and outs later or along the way.

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